Minor 2 assignment

Guest reviews

In colabaration with Hogeschool Maastricht


1. Context information organization

Goals organization

ZIN is a special place/ estate. A former elderly home for the Friars of Tilburg. Currently a hotel/ congress facility with a special purpose; ‘bringing compassion and purpose within organizations based on the core values of the Friars of Tilburg’. The Friars are from their origin focused on the industries; cure & care and education. The basis of ZIN is founded on catholic roots, nowadays open to all believes and philosophies.

ZIN (and the guest) is following the daily routine of the Friars and has completely biological based kitchen.

The core values of ZIN are; compassion, hospitality and community building. The Friars still live on the estate next to the Hotel/ congress building.

ZIN has also a trainings organization called the ZIN academy, founded September 2022.


Different kind of organizations, not really a certain industry.

Friars, employees, management, advisory board, clients, in the future external investors (bank). 

Kloosterhotel ZIN voorzijde landhuis welkom lente

Size (personnel, market)

9 conference rooms from 6 till 150 persons (auditorium) | 40 hotel rooms + Restaurant, Living room, Chapel (meditation/ silence area) | +/- 20 employees (full-time/ part-time) & +/- 15 volunteers

2. Context project

We want to take the next step in Hospitality and guest experience. We would like to improve overall quality. As a whole we get already overall good guest reviews and a lot of compliments. At this point we do not have yet a hospitable, up-to-date guest review method. And also we do not follow up the reviews in a systematic and sustainable manner.

3. What results do you expect?

A hospitable guest review method
A process concerning the follow-up and handling the reviews. Translating them into concrete improvements or other actions/ decisions. Involvement of the guest in this process.
Workshop for management and sales/reception employees on the results and proposal.

4. Why are these results important? (To what do they contribute? Long term goals)

  • Improve quality
  • Improve guest experience
  • Use guest reviews as a continuous learning/ improvement tool

5. For whom in your organization are these results important?


6. What is this project emphatically NOT about? (demarcation)

Employees satisfaction, generating management ideas etc..

7. What HAS TO be taken into consideration? (scope)

The purpose, history of, basis of, core values of ZIN.
How to involve guest, how to let them know how their review is used with the ZIN organization.

8. What is the project connected to? (impact, mutual dependence)

9. When will you be satisfied with the results? (criteria)

If we could actually implement the review method as a continuous learning tool and involvement of guests in this process.